Our sharpening service will put a fresh edge on any knife. We hand sharpen our customer's knives at our workshop using the same process that we use for our Rowsaan knives. We pay close attention to developing a sharp and durable edge, working through our range of Naniwa Japanese waterstones and leather strop to bring out the best in your knife.

Knife sharpening rates 

$10.00 / Small to medium knives, blade length up to 150mm.

$15.00 / Medium to large knives, blade length over 150mm.

$30.00 / Japanese single bevel knives, synthetic stone finish.

$5.00 / Minimum fee for tip OR edge repair (fee increases for greater damage).

$10.00 / Spine AND heel rounding to improve comfort.



To book your knife in please email us at info@rowsaan.com or call on 0458 566588.

We are available Tuesday to Saturday.

Payment of cash or card on collection.

Our address is 21 Jennings St, Kyneton, Vic.