Knife sharpening

Whether you're a passionate home cook, a chef or only in the kitchen occasionally, a sharp knife makes your job more enjoyable, efficient and safe. Our knife sharpening service is located at our workshop in Kyneton and we take great pride in hand sharpening our customer's knives on Japanese water stones to give you a sharp and durable edge. We can also make repairs to put your knife back in top working order and will be introducing sharpening classes in Autumn 2018.


To make a booking please email info@rowsaan.com or call Rowan on 0458 566 588.

We are available Monday to Saturday for you to drop your knives off at our home workshop at 21 Jennings St, Kyneton, Vic.

Restaurants / cafe's

Bringing sharpening to you: Bookings can be made to sharpen in your kitchen, to organise a sharpening plan please get in contact.

When to sharpen

How often to sharpen your knives depends on how heavily they're used, how well you maintain the edge between sharpening and the type of knife. We recommend sharpening when your edge maintenance no longer brings the edge back to the level you want.


Knife sharpening rates 

$10.00 / Blade length up to 100mm.

$15.00 / Above 100mm up to 180mm.

$20.00 / Above 180mm up to 250mm.

$25.00 / Above 250mm.

$15.00 / Outdoor & hunting knives.

$35.00 / Starting price for single bevel knives, synthetic finish, POA.

Knife repair rates 

$10.00 / Minimum fee for tip or edge repair.

$10.00 / Minimum fee for thinning behind the edge to remove the shoulder on thicker edged knives.