We work primarily in steel, aluminium and brass to produce our object work. Often our work is forged or formed by hammer to manipulate the material to create texture, detail and form. We pay close attention to the function of the object and explore material, making process and form to create unexpected design solutions.

Object installation

Wood - Drill a 2.5mm ø pilot hole. Install using the supplied brass screw.

Masonry - Install using a 5mm ø white masonry wall plug to the manufacturers instructions. Install using the supplied brass screw.

Plasterboard - Install using a Ramset spring toggle (50mm long with 1/8 inch ø thread) to the manufacturers instructions.

Object care

Brass, sterling silver and to a lesser extent aluminium will oxidise over time. To help remove oxides, gently rub the surface with a green Scotchbrite scourer in a circular motion (this is how we finish all our work and gives a brushed finish). Gently wash in warm water, wipe off any residue and make sure the piece is completely dry before applying a thin coating of bees wax to help slow down future oxidisation and further protect the surface.  

* Please note that the finish on all our objects will vary slightly in brightness and texture due to how much each piece is worked and how the finishing process responds.