Our knives

Enjoying cooking has given us an appreciation for what we want in a good kitchen knife and we strive to bring our customers high quality, hand forged knives that will become cherished companions in the kitchen. 

We make carbon steel knives capable of taking and keeping a keen edge with minimal effort that are balanced & comfortable with a rounded spine & heel and well proportioned hardwood handle. 

Our blades are forged with some thickness in the spine for stiffness and a pronounced taper to a thin tip and edge for great cutting performance. Our blade profile is great in the kitchen with a deep heel and a good flat section for chopping and enough belly for easy roll cutting.



A high carbon steel knife needs care to keep it in good condition. Unlike stainless steel knives which will tolerate staying wet in the dish rack, our knives will start to develop surface rust if left wet or if the juices from food aren't cleaned off, so rinse and dry well after use. An occasional light application of bees wax or oil will help to protect the knife. If surface rust does develop carefully rub with super fine 0000 steel wool.