Hand forged kitchen knife - Two day course

Hand forged kitchen knife - Two day course


Our two day course is all about what makes forged knives special. The first day you will focus on the forging process, working the metal red hot on an anvil with hammers and manipulating the steel. On the second day you will shape and finish the handle and learn how to sharpen your new knife. In between the two Saturdays the heat treatment, bevel grinding and handle glue up will be completed allowing you to concentrate on the forging and finishing processes on your two days in the workshop.


Over two consecutive Saturdays you will learn how to:

Day one: Choose a blade design (gyuto or nakiri) and handle components, take a heat in the gas forge, practice forging a mild steel bar on the anvil, forge your high carbon steel knife blank focusing on thickness and taper, rough trim the blank, stamp and normalise the steel.

Day two: Shape and finish the handle, learn to sharpen on a couple of your knives from home and then sharpen your own hand forged knife ready for work in the kitchen.

To finish the course we talk about knife care and how to maintain your newly sharpened edge.


Location: Kyneton, Vic

Class size: 3 places

Times: 9am – 5.30pm

This course is suitable for beginners, we take the time to make sure you understand each process and design the course to allow you to work at your own pace.

Once booked we will send you a confirmation email with further course details.

Any questions you have about the course please send us an email.