Cloud hook

Cloud hook


Brass with a brushed finish

70mm tall

The Cloud hook has been made to hold a medium weight load with a design intention to gently hang clothing. The gentle curve of the hook makes it particularly suited to hanging garments such as coats, providing a wide contact area that won't pull or distort the fabric.

- Please note that our work may vary slightly in form, texture and finish; each piece is handmade and finished by hand.

- Our work is individually handmade to order and due to current order volume will take 3-4 weeks to make before shipping.

- Installation:

Wood - Drill a 2.5mm ø pilot hole. Install using the supplied brass screw.

Masonry - Install using a 5mm ø white masonry wall plug to the manufacturers instructions. Install using the supplied brass screw.

Plasterboard - Install using a Ramset spring toggle (50mm long with 1/8 inch ø thread) to the manufacturers instructions.

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