Cloud pull

Cloud pull


Playful and practical, small circle can be orientated up, down or on it's side. Nice to hold, fun to use.

Raw brass with a brushed and waxed finish.

65mm long.

The cloud pull is designed for single use or for use as a pair. On its own, the cloud pull works best when mounted vertically (smaller half circle pointing down) on a small drawer. On larger drawers they are designed to work as a mirrored pairing mounted horizontally.


Wood - Drill a 2.5mm ø pilot hole & install using the supplied brass screw.

Masonry - Use an appropriate masonry wall plug and screw (the supplied brass screw isn’t suitable) to the manufacturers instructions.

Plasterboard - Use an appropriate plasterboard spring toggle or similar to the manufacturers instructions.

- Our work is handmade to order at our workshop in Kyneton, Vic.

- Work may vary slightly in texture and finish.

- All pieces are made to order and have a 3-4 week lead time before postage.

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