Edge Up Strops

Edge Up Strops

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The Edge Up Strops feature double sided cork faces over an aluminium base. The bare cork is perfect for finishing your sharpening progression and as a daily touch up to keep your knives sharp. The double sided strops allow you to keep one side loaded with a honing compound.

The hand models are designed to be portable and the bench model comes with a cork base. As well as culinary knives, the Edge Up Strops are ideal for other edged tools found in wood working etc.

For our stropping surfaces we have selected an engineered bonded cork which is strong and durable with low compressibility. The cork provides an ideal stropping surface with the added benefit of being waterproof.

Unlike leather strops, you can use the Edge Up Strops as you cook and not stop to clean and dry the knife. Wipe down with warm soapy water (some honing compounds may not be suitable for washing) to clean.

It’s important to understand that stropping (and steeling) re aligns the edge on an already sharp knife. Once you have sharpened your knives or had them sharpened for you, three or four strokes per side at the sharpening angle with edge trailing strokes should be all that’s needed to keep the edge sharp. Stropping allows you to maintain a sharp edge for longer between sharpening on stones.

We recommend diamond honing compounds for their performance and grit range, please contact us if you would like more info or prices.

- Please note that our work may vary slightly in texture and finish; each piece is handmade and finished by hand.

- Our work is individually handmade to order and will take three to four weeks to make before shipping.

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