Forged kitchen knives

Forged kitchen knives

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Our kitchen knives (220mm gyuto pictured in hand) are hand forged with a kurouchi blacksmith finish and come with a keen edge ready for work. These are nicely balanced and comfortable knives with a rounded spine & heel and well proportioned Australian hardwood handle.

The 52100 carbon steel blade produces a sharp edge that's easy to sharpen & maintain and is a great steel choice for a workhorse in the kitchen. We forge our knives with some thickness in the spine for stiffness and taper to a thin tip and edge for great cutting performance

The gyuto profile comes in two standard lengths and is a great all rounder in the kitchen. The blade profile has a deep heel and the edge starts with a good flat section for chopping then transitions into enough belly for easy roll cutting. 

The petty has a similar profile to the gyuto but in a smaller size for delicate work or when a larger knife isn’t needed.

- For care information please see our knives page.

- Please note that our work may vary slightly in texture and finish; each piece is handmade and finished by hand.

- Our knives are individually handmade to order and will take four to six weeks to make before shipping.

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