Segment pull

Segment pull

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Individually textured and forge heated to a charcoal black. Silky smooth ground face to contrast the flaky, painterly textured sides. Generous weight providing support to heavy drawers. Subtly tapered to aid grip and provide a gentle transition from surface to pull. Vertical or horizontal.

The pulls are tapped and supplied with screws providing a strong connection and can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The smaller size is suitable for light to medium drawers and cupboards and the larger size for larger and heavier applications.


Install the Segment pulls by drilling 5.5mm dia screw holes through the panel. The screw holes for the medium and large Segments are spaced 30mm c/c. The supplied screws & washers suits a 15 to 20mm thick panel and are installed with a 3mm allen key.

- Our work is handmade to order at our workshop in Kyneton, Vic.

- Work may vary slightly in texture and finish.

- All pieces are made to order and have a 3-4 week lead time before postage.

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