Segment pull

Segment pull

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The Segment pulls are forged red hot to form a subtle wedge shape that feels nice to grip. Forging creates a beautifully textured and blackened surface that contrasts nicely with the smooth ground edge faces.

The pulls are tapped and supplied with screws providing a strong connection and can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The smaller size is suitable for light to medium drawers and cupboards and the larger size for larger and heavier applications.

- Please note that our work may vary slightly in texture and finish; each piece is handmade and finished by hand.

- Our work is individually handmade to order and due to current order volume will take 3-4 weeks to make before shipping.

- Installation: install pulls onto draws & doors by drilling a 5.5mm dia screw hole through the panel. The supplied screw suits a 15 to 20mm thick draw front / door and are installed with a 3mm allen key. Please let us know if you have a draw / cupboard front that's outside these dimensions and we can supply a suitable length screw.

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