Rowsaan is a metal based creative practice, run by designer-makers Rowan McLachlan and Saan Davidson. Our collection of objects and kitchen knives are designed and hand made in our home workshop. We hope our functional and playful designs bring enjoyment to our clients and the high level of craftsmanship and design creates long lasting work.

We make a collection of objects for the home, restaurants-cafes and commercial spaces. We work on varied commissioned projects and look forward to working with clients to develop products suited to a particular space and use. Our collection is an ongoing project providing options for hardware, tableware and kitchen knives. Our designs focus on function, material and making process with an aim to make objects with beauty and integrity.

Spaces we've made work for 


Brae guest suites

Gilson restaurant

The Kettle Black

Higher Ground


Jacky Winter Gardens

Market Lane Coffee

Saxe restaurant

Projects and exhibitions

Design Shanghai, represented by SanW gallery, Shanghai 2017

Wingnut & Co sugar spoon, 2016

Patricia cafe sugar spoon, 2016

Makers and Thinkers, Melbourne 2016

Knife appreciation, Fix and Make program, Hotel Hotel, Canberra 2016

For School project, curated by Sarah K and Bree Claffey, Tokyo Design Week, Tokyo 2015

Intimacy and Crafts, Gallery Sikijang, Seoul 2015

Sake to Utsuwa, Mr Kitly, Melbourne 2014

Mr Kitly for MONA, MoMa, Hobart 2014

Photos by Lillie Thompson

Photos by Lillie Thompson